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A list of V8 related resources
My work setup
▶ Micro​benchmarking Dart (Part 1)
▶ Maybe you don't need Rust and WASM to speed up your JS
▶ The fear of dart:mirrors
▶ Adventures in the land of substrings and RegExps.
▶ Crankshaft vs arguments object
▶ jsunderhood digest (in Russian)
▶ Browser as an Interactive Disassembler
▶ What's up with monomorphism?
▶ How the Grinch stole array.length access
▶ new Fn(...) vs. Object.create(P)
▶ The Black Cat of Microbenchmarks
▶ (Pre)release IRHydra 2.0
▶ Hidden classes vs jsPerf
▶ Performance tuning as the art of weather forecast
▶ Why asm.js bothers me
▶ Release the IRHydra!
▶ microbenchmarks fairy tale
▶ Shaky diagramming
▶ My JSConf EU 2012 talk
▶ Grokking V8 closures for fun (and profit?)
▶ V8's --trace-* flags and Chrome on Windows
▶ Explaining JavaScript VMs in JavaScript - Inline Caches
▶ My JSConf 2012 talk
▶ I-want-to-optimize-my-JS-application-on-V8 checklist
▶ The trap of the performance sweet spot
▶ Dangers of cross language benchmark games
▶ Improved V8 external arrays support and nodejs Buffer type